Difference Between Van And Bike Couriers In Singapore

As an insider in the courier industry, I have many friends asking me, “Hey, some courier companies seem to quote me prices based on bike or van prices for the same item, why is that the case?”

Well, this can be a little complicated for customers to understand but I will seek to explain it as well as I possibly can.

First off, not every courier company charges like that. From what I know, courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters and Network Courier charges based on the item which is actually delivered (e.g. is it a parcel or a document?). However, there are other courier companies in Singapore like Roadmasters that ask customers if they want delivery via a van driver or a bike courier.

There are some customers who are quite picky, and are very worried about their items getting wet if it were to rain and the document or parcel were to be carried by a bike courier. Therefore, they are willing to pay companies like Roadmasters extra just to have the same item to be delivered via a car or van courier instead.

However, most couriers in Singapore charge a fixed price regardless of the mode of transport (e.g. bike or van). They will charge you prices which are based on the item type, the quantity of items, as well as the weight of the items. These are the more common ways in which a courier company in Singapore would charge you if you were to engage their delivery services in Singapore.

Anyway, here is a short list of the most common surcharges and methods of pricing that courier companies in Singapore charge.

  • Outskirt charges (e.g. Jurong or Pasir Ris)
  • CBD charges (e.g. ERP rates)
  • Excess item dimensions or weight surcharge (e.g. If the item is too bulky or heavy, there would usually be surcharges)
  • Item type (e.g. Is it a document or a parcel?)

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