Urgent Courier Services in Singapore

There are times where we need to get something delivered very quickly to our colleagues, family members or friends. However, we may not be able to get these item(s) delivered in Singapore quickly because the public transport (e.g. MRT) may have broken down and you would be forced to either drive or take a taxi to deliver the item(s). However, when you take a taxi, it can be really expensive in Singapore, and you need to take it two ways to get back home or to your office after delivering the item(s). This can be really costly and time inefficient as well. Instead of doing this, you should engage the courier services of local delivery companies.

There are tons of local delivery companies who offer great services and urgent courier services throughout the island of Singapore for customers just like you. Companies like PCA Masters Pte ltd specializes in such ad hoc courier deliveries. Although you may not need such delivery services at the moment, let me share how to engage their courier services and how it would be like engaging such services if you require them at any point in the future.

First of all, most companies allow you to either contact them online (e.g. through email or a contact form) or call them directly.

Second of all, they will be able to quote you a price, and you would have to decide if you’re willing to pay it to get your item(s) delivered quickly to your recipient. This is usually much more expensive than the normal delivery services provided by these same courier companies, but is usually much cheaper than that if you were to take a taxi to deliver your item(s).

Third of all, after you’ve accepted their quotation, you’re generally required to either make a payment to these courier companies online or pay the courier in cash during collection depending on your preference and the company’s payment policy.

There is nothing else you need to do, as they would then dispatch a courier (rider or a driver) to pick up the item(s) from your chosen pick up location and deliver to the recipient as soon as possible. Such urgent delivery item(s) would be given priority over other normal delivery item(s), and so you can rest assured that as long as you’re working with a reliable courier company like PCA Masters, you would be able to get your item(s) delivered there promptly.

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