Process for Engaging a Courier Partnership In Singapore

If you are a business owner or manager who requires deliveries to be performed on a regular basis, you may want to consider engaging a Singapore courier company with a long term partnership in mind instead of only using ad hoc services.

Within Singapore, there are courier companies offering ad hoc deliveries (which are basically delivery services requested on an irregular basis) and these same courier companies can offer discounts e.t.c. for companies which use their delivery services on a frequent basis. How it usually happens for such long term courier partnerships is that you would need to first contact the courier company and let them know that you are asking on behalf of a business (and not yourself) and you require regular deliveries throughout a month. Take note though, that as different companies may require different delivery volumes before you can qualify for their bulk discount, you need to check all these information out with these companies before you make a decision. There are some companies which require ridiculously high delivery volumes while others may not. There are some courier firms in Singapore which may offer significant discounts but with high base prices and vice versa.

Even if you do not require regular deliveries, but require E-commerce goods distribution, then the above advice does apply to you as well. Take special note and make sure to ask the courier company the above questions as well.

There is a final piece of advice that I wish to give you, and that is you should not blindly engage a delivery company just because it is the largest one in Singapore. The largest courier company in Singapore may not necessarily be suitable for all local businesses which require deliveries in Singapore. Sometimes, big courier companies in Singapore only offer significant discounts to companies with very high delivery volumes. In any case, there is no definitive answer on which courier company is the best in Singapore. You just need to check with them and compare the services provided by them relative to your business’s requirements and make a prudent decision.

Urgent Courier Services in Singapore

There are times where we need to get something delivered very quickly to our colleagues, family members or friends. However, we may not be able to get these item(s) delivered in Singapore quickly because the public transport (e.g. MRT) may have broken down and you would be forced to either drive or take a taxi to deliver the item(s). However, when you take a taxi, it can be really expensive in Singapore, and you need to take it two ways to get back home or to your office after delivering the item(s). This can be really costly and time inefficient as well. Instead of doing this, you should engage the courier services of local delivery companies.

There are tons of local delivery companies who offer great services and urgent courier services throughout the island of Singapore for customers just like you. Companies like PCA Masters Pte ltd specializes in such ad hoc courier deliveries. Although you may not need such delivery services at the moment, let me share how to engage their courier services and how it would be like engaging such services if you require them at any point in the future.

First of all, most companies allow you to either contact them online (e.g. through email or a contact form) or call them directly.

Second of all, they will be able to quote you a price, and you would have to decide if you’re willing to pay it to get your item(s) delivered quickly to your recipient. This is usually much more expensive than the normal delivery services provided by these same courier companies, but is usually much cheaper than that if you were to take a taxi to deliver your item(s).

Third of all, after you’ve accepted their quotation, you’re generally required to either make a payment to these courier companies online or pay the courier in cash during collection depending on your preference and the company’s payment policy.

There is nothing else you need to do, as they would then dispatch a courier (rider or a driver) to pick up the item(s) from your chosen pick up location and deliver to the recipient as soon as possible. Such urgent delivery item(s) would be given priority over other normal delivery item(s), and so you can rest assured that as long as you’re working with a reliable courier company like PCA Masters, you would be able to get your item(s) delivered there promptly.

Singapore Document Courier Services And SingPost

For most people in Singapore, they don’t really know the differences between the services provided by SingPost and that of courier companies in Singapore.

Here are the key differences.

  • SingPost provides postal services. Basically, postal services are usually provided by the state (in this case, Singapore), and you would refer to the deliverymen as postman or mailman. The only things that they deliver are either documents or letters, which must be sealed in an envelope and paid for using approved stamps. In most countries, because such postal services are so cheap, only the state would run such a company, as it would be relatively unprofitable for any private, for-profit companies to actually enter this postal services industry… and this is the case for Singapore as well. The way you utilize postal services is by putting a paid for stamp on an envelope, within which is your document or letter to be delivered, and you post it through the nearest post box. This is the cheapest way of delivery, but is quite unaccountable and there is no guarantee that the item will be delivered. Even if it were lost or undelivered, there is virtually no way you would know for sure what happened to the document or letter.
  • On the other hand, when it comes to courier services provided by companies like Regent and PCA Masters, it is a high end but still affordable service for delivery of important documents and letters. If you want to ensure that the package gets delivered, or be notified in the case of non-delivery perhaps due to the recipient not being around, then going with the services provided by Singapore courier companies would be a better idea. Although they cost a few dollars more, they’re nothing compared to the peace of mind that you would definitely receive through their delivery services. Additionally, with their courier services, they would also pick up the item(s) from your stated collection address. There is no need for you to even leave the place you’re at. I would say that is pretty good convenience.

Therefore, engaging a good company like PCA Masters ( services can go a long way in bringing you convenience at reasonable prices.

Difference Between Van And Bike Couriers In Singapore

As an insider in the courier industry, I have many friends asking me, “Hey, some courier companies seem to quote me prices based on bike or van prices for the same item, why is that the case?”

Well, this can be a little complicated for customers to understand but I will seek to explain it as well as I possibly can.

First off, not every courier company charges like that. From what I know, courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters and Network Courier charges based on the item which is actually delivered (e.g. is it a parcel or a document?). However, there are other courier companies in Singapore like Roadmasters that ask customers if they want delivery via a van driver or a bike courier.

There are some customers who are quite picky, and are very worried about their items getting wet if it were to rain and the document or parcel were to be carried by a bike courier. Therefore, they are willing to pay companies like Roadmasters extra just to have the same item to be delivered via a car or van courier instead.

However, most couriers in Singapore charge a fixed price regardless of the mode of transport (e.g. bike or van). They will charge you prices which are based on the item type, the quantity of items, as well as the weight of the items. These are the more common ways in which a courier company in Singapore would charge you if you were to engage their delivery services in Singapore.

Anyway, here is a short list of the most common surcharges and methods of pricing that courier companies in Singapore charge.

  • Outskirt charges (e.g. Jurong or Pasir Ris)
  • CBD charges (e.g. ERP rates)
  • Excess item dimensions or weight surcharge (e.g. If the item is too bulky or heavy, there would usually be surcharges)
  • Item type (e.g. Is it a document or a parcel?)

Here’s Why You Should Engage Courier Services Instead

Engaging courier services in Singapore is a much better idea then trying to hire your own deliveryman and get your items delivered – even for companies with high volumes of deliveries and here are the reasons why.

  1. If you were to engage a deliveryman in Singapore, you would probably need to pay them around $1800 for their salary and CPF on top of that. You would also need to lease a vehicle (e.g. a van) for the deliveryman and that would cost around $1000 per month. Altogether, you’re looking at a cost of around $3500 per month. This means that for it to make sense to hire your own deliveryman, you should make more than $3500 per month of operating profit from whatever products he or she is delivering to your customers. Assuming you’re selling a rather low profit product at $10 profit per product, the deliveryman would need to deliver a bare minimum of 350 products per month before you break even! Since there are approximately 22 working days in a month in Singapore, This means that he would need to deliver to 16 locations everyday just for you to break even. That sounds like a crazy number to me. If you have such high volume of deliveries, e.g. 350 per month, each delivery would probably cost you only $6 to $8 if you were to engage a courier company to deal with it for you instead. It is so much easier to profit or at least break even if you were to engage external courier services in Singapore instead of hiring your own deliveryman!
  2. When you use courier services, you need not worry about who is going to deliver the items. You just need to specify the date, time, collection point and delivery point. The rest, for example the courier’s leave schedule e.t.c., would be handled accordingly by the courier company. You would not need to worry about the courier skiving, going on leave, taking medical leave, e.t.c. All these problems would be gone!

If you need to engage a good courier company, try PCA Masters Singapore.

Choosing A Local Courier Company in Singapore

There are different types of courier companies in Singapore – for example, state owned Speedpost versus locally owned courier companies like Regent and Network Courier.

However, for the sake of this discussion, we shall only talk about local courier companies and picking one of them for your courier services.

One of the more established courier companies in Singapore would be Regent. Specializing in van deliveries in Singapore, if you have heavy parcels and items to be delivered from one location to another within Singapore, then Regent would be a good choice for you. This is because not every courier company in Singapore provides delivery for extremely heavy items like furniture e.t.c. If you need to move your house and hence the furniture within, then Regent’s courier services in Singapore is good for you.

Secondly, if you require ad hoc or perhaps even E-commerce local delivery service in Singapore for light documents or parcels, then PCA Masters Pte Ltd would be your ideal choice. PCA Masters are known to be very customer centric and offers both parcel as well as light document deliveries. Their rates are most competitive and reasonable for lighter items. Therefore, if you only need deliveries within Singapore for documents on a regular basis for your company, then PCA Masters is a good choice for you.

If you only need E-commerce goods distribution, then you can also look at Ninjavan. They specialize in deliveries for small parcels and for E-commerce businesses. They do not take any kind of regular or ad hoc delivery services in Singapore though. That’s the bad thing about them. But in any case, if you own or manage an E-commerce business, then going for Ninjavan’s services is a good idea if you need to distribute your goods locally in Singapore.

All of the above mentioned companies have their own benefits and disadvantages, just make sure to pick one that suits your delivery requirements the most and offers reasonable pricing for their level of services!

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