Why Regional Companies Outsource Courier Needs

Lots of regional companies operate out of Singapore as their headquarters, and many of them have courier needs, e.g. they either need to courier important bank documents or deliver gifts to their corporate customers as part of corporate gifting. It’s important to work with a trusted courier company for all these requirements.

PCAMasters is a prime example of a good courier company in Singapore which regional companies trust their courier deliveries with. Just like Fedex and DHL are literally go to names for international freight and deliveries, PCAMasters is the go to name for all consumers and businesses in Singapore for their local courier requirements.

Here are some reasons why even cash rich regional companies in South East Asia prefer to outsource their deliveries to a courier company instead of doing it themselves in Singapore. Owning or leasing a vehicle will break the bank if you do it in Singapore versus even a neighboring country such as Malaysia or Indonesia. Have you seen prices of COE? Even if a company has lots of cash, it shouldn’t waste $50000 or more on just COE alone – which doesn’t even include the mode of transport. Additionally, the vehicle must be destroyed after 10 years unless you pay that giant sum of money again. Now, if you have millions or billions in the bank, it may feel like $50000 is nothing but a drop of water in the vast Pacific ocean. However, with most courier deliveries costing less than $25, with that same amount of money (e.g. $50000), you can get over 2000 deliveries! But that’s not all. This is excluding the cost of the car / van which will be at least around $50000. Instead of purchasing a vehicle for over $100000 up front, and still needing a deliveryman to perform all the deliveries (and pay employee benefits e.t.c.), you can get way more than 4000 deliveries from a local courier company like PCAMasters instead. If you don’t intend to use anywhere close to 4000 deliveries or more, you will be saving money also! It’s like catching two birds with one stone when you outsource your delivery requirements to a dedicated courier company in Singapore.

The key is to find a great courier firm to partner with for your business’s ad hoc delivery requirements. Remember, price is not the concern – you don’t want your items to go missing (unaccounted for), destroyed/damaged or reach your recipients late. That’s what happens to snail mail. You need reliability and trust when you use courier services, hence you should work with a highly responsible company.