Process for Engaging a Courier Partnership In Singapore

If you are a business owner or manager who requires deliveries to be performed on a regular basis, you may want to consider engaging a Singapore courier company with a long term partnership in mind instead of only using ad hoc services.

Within Singapore, there are courier companies offering ad hoc deliveries (which are basically delivery services requested on an irregular basis) and these same courier companies can offer discounts e.t.c. for companies which use their delivery services on a frequent basis. How it usually happens for such long term courier partnerships is that you would need to first contact the courier company and let them know that you are asking on behalf of a business (and not yourself) and you require regular deliveries throughout a month. Take note though, that as different companies may require different delivery volumes before you can qualify for their bulk discount, you need to check all these information out with these companies before you make a decision. There are some companies which require ridiculously high delivery volumes while others may not. There are some courier firms in Singapore which may offer significant discounts but with high base prices and vice versa.

Even if you do not require regular deliveries, but require E-commerce goods distribution, then the above advice does apply to you as well. Take special note and make sure to ask the courier company the above questions as well.

There is a final piece of advice that I wish to give you, and that is you should not blindly engage a delivery company just because it is the largest one in Singapore. The largest courier company in Singapore may not necessarily be suitable for all local businesses which require deliveries in Singapore. Sometimes, big courier companies in Singapore only offer significant discounts to companies with very high delivery volumes. In any case, there is no definitive answer on which courier company is the best in Singapore. You just need to check with them and compare the services provided by them relative to your business’s requirements and make a prudent decision.