Singapore Document Courier Services And SingPost

For most people in Singapore, they don’t really know the differences between the services provided by SingPost and that of courier companies in Singapore.

Here are the key differences.

  • SingPost provides postal services. Basically, postal services are usually provided by the state (in this case, Singapore), and you would refer to the deliverymen as postman or mailman. The only things that they deliver are either documents or letters, which must be sealed in an envelope and paid for using approved stamps. In most countries, because such postal services are so cheap, only the state would run such a company, as it would be relatively unprofitable for any private, for-profit companies to actually enter this postal services industry… and this is the case for Singapore as well. The way you utilize postal services is by putting a paid for stamp on an envelope, within which is your document or letter to be delivered, and you post it through the nearest post box. This is the cheapest way of delivery, but is quite unaccountable and there is no guarantee that the item will be delivered. Even if it were lost or undelivered, there is virtually no way you would know for sure what happened to the document or letter.
  • On the other hand, when it comes to courier services provided by companies like Regent and PCA Masters, it is a high end but still affordable service for delivery of important documents and letters. If you want to ensure that the package gets delivered, or be notified in the case of non-delivery perhaps due to the recipient not being around, then going with the services provided by Singapore courier companies would be a better idea. Although they cost a few dollars more, they’re nothing compared to the peace of mind that you would definitely receive through their delivery services. Additionally, with their courier services, they would also pick up the item(s) from your stated collection address. There is no need for you to even leave the place you’re at. I would say that is pretty good convenience.

Therefore, engaging a good company like PCA Masters ( services can go a long way in bringing you convenience at reasonable prices.